We are a group of audiovisual creators based in Madrid, Spain, and associated with the strategic communications agency Sintagma Press.

We produce multimedia content for companies, organizations and individual clients. We also carry out independent projects, believing in the power of visual storytelling to promote education, cultural diversity and environmental values.


Javier Schejtman

Photographer and Corporate Content Creator

Expert in institutional, corporate and social photography. Javier was Chief Photographer of  ‘100 Latinos Madrid’ and ‘100 Españoles en el Mundo’ (Marca España). Produces audiovisual content for international corporations such as Excem Group, Extron and Connectis.

John Rojas Uribe

Photographer and Communications Consultant

Graduate in Social Communication-Journalism, Master in Cultural Studies and Expert in Public Communication of Science. John is co-founder of the communication agency Sintagma Press. He signs his audiovisual work as Drako, and specializes in documentary photography, portraits and 360-degree panoramas.

Miguel Balbuena

Miguel Balbuena

Filmmaker and Editor

Film director and editor, expert in the production of institutional and corporate videos. Miguel is the Head of the Audiovisual Department of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (CBA).

Jorge García

Jorge García


Expert in the creation of 360º panoramas. He has made projects for Patrimonio Nacional, Mapfre Foundation, Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, Obra Social La Caixa, Meliá Hoteles, among others. Jorge is the founder of visionangular.com, a spanish company, leader in interactive 360º HD virtual tours.

Mannaïg Norel

Photographer and Director

Photographer specialized in portraits and family photography. Mannaig works with photography as an object of memory. She likes to play with natural light and create personal images and memories. She is also a video editor and director, collaborating mainly with museums, public institutions and companies.

Carlos Galeano


Vice President of Tagonuos – Association for the Conservation of Wildlife. In addition to nature photography, Carlos is a specialist in portraits and real estate reports. He is a certified drone pilot and expert in Virtual Tours.

Pablo Mejlachowicz

Cameraman, Editor and Filmmaker

For several years he was a videographer for different media in South America. Now, in addition to working on spots, corporate and web videos for companies like PriceWaterHouseCooper, YPF, Colgate, Real Madrid Fundation or TVE, Pablo is producing his own non-fiction works.

Andrea González

Andrea González

Master in Motion Graphics

Expert in explainer videos for businesses and education. Andrea specializes in the conceptualization and production of narrative animated content. She has high experience in digital education projects, such as training videos and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs).


Nicolás Gabriel

Sound Engineer

Nicolás Gabriel Trujillo is an expert sound engineer. He has worked for 10 years in Spain and South America, in feature films, music recording, radio and sound live in concerts.

Andrés González

Andrés González

Sound Designer

Andrés is a professional musician whose work has been focused on digital audio production. He’s worked for different research groups and multimedia companies in his home country Colombia working on sound design and music composition for videogames, short films and musical projects.